Rhode Island

Whispering Pines Campground, Wyoming, Rhode Island

  • RATING – 3 of 5
  • WIFI – Yes, but really slow and spotty (high usage)
  • ATT – Yes, 2 bars, pre-Weboost
  • VERIZON – Yes, 2 bars but spotty availability, pre-WeBoost
  • OTA TV – no channels
  • SERVICES – 15/30/50 AMPS, BUT BE DILIGENT- test your amperage at the power pedestal before hooking up. I had reversed polarity which ultimately damaged our RV’s electrical system
  • COST – $579 for six weeks (see below) + metered electric @ .17 cents per kilowatt.
  • DISCOUNTS – Spring Fling $599 for six weeks and Fall Fling $549 for six weeks discounted from $60 a night.
  • REVIEW – We stayed at this campground for six weeks during what they called the “Fall Fling.” When you make reservations here make sure you ask if the site is level. I would guess that conservatively 85% of the 120 + sites are not level. If your RV is 40′ or over getting level is a real challenge.  Also, be sure to ask for a site that accommodates 50 Amp service if you need it. Not all sites have 50 amps and also USE a surge protector here. The campground is the weekend home of many campers. Most are ensconced in the pine trees complete with decks and fences. There are a number of transient campsites available though. While at Whispering Pines you within easy an easy drive of many tourist attractions and you can be at almost any beach in 30 minutes or less. The beach in Rhode Island are simply fantastic. I highly recommend Blue Shutter beach.