Escapee’s Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, AL

  • Rating -3.5 of 5
  • WIFI – Yes, very slow especially early morning and during the early evening. 
  • ATT – Yes 3 bars – 4 bars with WeBoost
  • VERIZON – Yes 2 bars – 3 bars with WeBoost
  • COST – $33.00 nightly (Non-escapee’s members) but Good Sam was honored
  • DISCOUNTS – Escapees membership and Good Sams, there may be more but if there is I don’t know about them.
  • SERVICES – Full Hook ups
  • REVIEW – I will probably catch flak for posting my thoughts on this park but here goes anyway.  First and foremost there are no pads for your RV at this park. Rather there are grass lots that you back into next to the power pedestal, water and sewer.  Why is this bad? Well truthfully when I pay for a spot to park I want the RV on a concrete, paved or gravel pad. This is grass and sand. Lots of sand. It rained very hard the day we arrived and wet sand was every where inside and outside.  $33 a night after the Good Sam discount for grass and sand. Meh, I don’t think it was worth it, just my opinion. 
  • Shopping is 30 minutes from the park if you need to make a grocery run and you’re sort of in the middle of nowhere.  Truthfully there is nothing wrong with the park except there are no paved pads. Also, if you have a tall RV make sure you have someone spot you into your site because some of the live oaks have low hanging limbs.
  • If you are over wintering or seeking long term residency this park would probably work for you. 

We were in site # 71