Carlsbad Caverns – By “Follow the Pahlows”

Great blog entry that will entice you to see Carlsbad Caverns


Carlsbad caverns opened up about a week before we left, so we made a trip down there.  It took about 3 hours to get there.  It took about 2 hours to walk through.  They had an on-site dog kennel so we took Loki with.  The entire kennel was empty except her, but when we came back some rocket scientist had chose to put an aggressive dog in the kennel above her.  Seriously?  What’s wrong with people!?! They implemented COVID protocol.  Only 25 people are let in at once, you wear masks and they clean between every group.  It is also one way, you walk down and take the elevator up.  Only one family in the elevator at a time. Everyone kept their distance for the most part and it was a good experience.  The caves are definitely something to see, but we both liked Mammoth cave in Kentucky more.  Check out the pics and videos.  One thing that was different was you…

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