Why Should You Travel and Live in Your RV – The Advantages

Reasons Why You Should Full-time RV

see the usa

Queen Mine – Bisbee, Arizona

Seeing our own country, for me, is the most obvious reason to full time RV.  Lots of people love to travel and doing it in an RV is a great choice especially now during the Pandemic where we aren’t welcome in other countries.  You may say, “I can see the country without living in an RV.” Of course you can. But normally people that do that are still working and have their “vacation” to see the country. You travelin a limited time frame (vacation) you barely have time to see and do what you want, let alone take the time to really relax. When you finally do relax it’s time to boogie on home.

Full timing allows you to take your home with you. This means everything you need is also with you. When you full-time you always have your home with you!  You set the destination and travel at your leisure to that destination. Once you have arrived you can stay as long as it takes to see all those bucket list items you’ve wanted to see. You can truly get to know a city, a park, an area in great detail. You can sample the restaurants, wineries, breweries and nature. The full timing life style is about both the journey and the destination with excitement and adventure liberally sprinkled on top..


Old Tucson Movie Studios – Tucson, Arizona

You set the rules, you set the destination, you choose the route, you get to go where you want and when you want to do it. All of these are freedoms you don’t get during your working lives. You can come and go as you please, you cans stay for a long period or overnight. Your choice. If you are a young family with mobile jobs, you can both work and travel full time. About 15% of the people we’ve met during our full time experience were young families. Eager to share their experiences together.

Meet New People

Presidential Wax Museum – Keystone, South Dakota

Traveling in an RV helps you meet new people often.  As you travel place to place, every turn is an opportunity to get to know someone you might never get to meet in your current situation. The people you meet whether full or part time are people with similar interests. You can become inspired by them to try new stuff, go hiking, take up photography, reading and exploring. If you like them enough you can do it together. Many full timers travel together or meet someplace once or twice a year.

Do something out of the ordinary

Bison Bull – Custer State Park – Custer, South Dakota

Doing everything we’ve always done like getting an apartment, buying a home, working twenty five or thirty yeas to pay for that home. As they same “Samo, samo.” Full timing breaks that mold, it takes you from ordinary to extraordinary if you allow it to.

Doing things differently

Sugauro National Park East – Tuscon, Arizona

Maybe your spouse of significant other has traditional jobs within the family, maybe you do all the cooking or perhaps the laundry. Changing your lifestyle to full time RV’ing lets you change that, lets each of you pursue new interests and new passions. Giving up the “known’s for unknown’s” is scary at first, but as you grow into becoming a full timer the unknown’s are far more fun and interesting.


Sitting Bull Falls – Carlsbad, New Mexico

Once you accept the challenge and commit to full time RV’ing you will find that you thrive on finding and relishing new experiences. Maybe you have thought for years that you should write that book, well why not start it tomorrow? Always wanted to schedule a photography class, go for it. Perhaps you ached to have the time to read books, you have the time now. Want to get in shape,? want to take up walking or hiking? go for it. Experience life. Enjoy the moment. Savor new experiences as if it will be your last. As our blog logo says, “Be the Adventure.”

Once you have decided that reasons to full-time RV outweigh the reasons not to full time, you realize that your bucket list awaits. Not acting on your dreams is a mistake many make. I don’t know about your situation but I am now 70 and will be 71 in a less than a month. I still have a bucket list, in fact it’s probably more extensive now than it was four years ago. One thing I know for sure is that I want to live long enough to finish that list. I don’t want to waste a year, a month, a day, an hour, a minute or even a second not seeing this beautiful country and experiencing new things.

Less Complicated

Elephant Butte Lake – Truth or Consequences. New Mexico

The full time lifestyle is simpler and less complicated than living in a home. What you own is what you carry. You have limited space so you won’t be burdened with stuff we all accumulate when living in a house. Available space restrictions forces you pick essentials to carry. It makes you choose to live more simply without sacrificing comforts. I won’t lie to you, parring things down to the essentials is hard, you have to make sacrifices, you have to be ruthless when you do it. But, rest assured it is so worth it.

What are the pro’s and cons of living full time in a home vs full time in an RV? Find out in our next blog entry, ” Preparing for Full Time RV Living.”


  1. This is awesome. Love the life that you live. So much freedom. And to be able to travel in this pandemic is a luxury – to do it in the comfort of your RV is just a dream.


  2. I look forward to your next post. I’d also be interested in seeing your bucket list, should you care to share in a future post. You are right that we shouldn’t wait even a moment to live the life we want. Enjoy your day!


  3. You’ve got a great website here and I agree with all you point out in this entry! I too sold my stix’n’bricks house in 2016 and am now a full-time traveler. If you truly consider yourselves adventurers, I’d like to plant a seed. My RV is now in storage back in California. Each year I like to travel somewhere else in the world, splitting up my adventures half the year traveling around in the US and the other half in another country or countries. As luck would have it, I left the states last February for a three month getaway in the Bocas del Toro area of Panama. I am presently safe and sound on a beautiful tropical paradise island in the Caribbean. It’s now been six months and I have no idea when I will be returning to the states as it’s much safer and cheaper here and there are still no international flights out. I’m retired so it makes no difference where I am and I’m a happy guy right where I am. If you’d like to make this seed grow, I’d be happy to share my lifestyle with you. There’s a big world out there, much more to see than just the USA.


    • Hey Steve, out of country travel remains on our radar. We traveled to Vietnam several years ago. We were to travel to Portugal maybe this year but travel out of the country right now isn’t feasible for us. I’d be very interested in your thoughts about world travel


      • Hey guys, good to hear you are into world travel! So many RV’ers aren’t. I’m now 72 years old and plan on traveling until either my mind or body give out. I hope they both go out at the same time. I’ve always been a traveler as I took a midlife retirement back when I was 38 and traveled around the world for four years without working. Not that I’m counting, but I’ve been to 70 countries and 42 states and still wandering.
        I also was in Vietnam three years ago. It had been 47 years since I was there during the war and I wanted to bring my life full circle with that most impactful experience of my life. I do plan on returning! Portugal is also on my list.
        I’ve probably got more stories than you have time. lol, I would love to have you pick my brain as to what, where, and how I travel. I like to communicate with email, old dog, new tricks. If yer on WhatsApp, give me a call as it’s free anywhere in the world. If you email me, I’ll give you my phone number.
        I’m a budget type traveler and depending on where I travel, I always spend less than my income, which is Social Security and a stipend from the VA. My favorite region in the world is Southeast Asia, although Panama has become a new favorite. One thing, don’t worry about learning another language, English is all I speak and it works everywhere. No problem!
        It’s not often that I get the opportunity to talk to other RV’ers about world travel. Chickens! With this pesky virus, I, along with you, don’t know what my travel plans will be in the near future. I’ve got a sneaking feeling that I may be spending Christmas down here. Mox Nix, either I’m here or there. The world is my home.
        Please email me with your questions as all I have is CNN on TV and the internet. Not that I’m going crazy, yet, but it’s nice to be able to communicate with someone new. That’s one of my hobbies when I travel, meeting interesting people. BTW, my email address is: stevecordis@ymail.com
        Still wandering,
        Steve Cordis


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