Why We Stopped Traveling – The Pandemic Blues

Agua Caliente Park in Tucson

Why did we decide to get off the road?

I know it’s been a long time since I have written a blog post. My apologies to our readers for that.

So, here’s what’s happened since our last post.

In late March we decided to take a permanent address again with the intent of traveling during the summers to cooler locations. After nearly four years on the road we weary and needed a break from moving around the country. So, we looked for, found, and decided to lease a Casita Apartment (stand alone apartment) in Tucson, our favorite city.

View from the Catalina Highway on the way up to Mt. Lemmon

Timing is everything

We stored nothing when we went full time. Instead, we sold everything. Knowing we were moving, we started shopping for furniture at a local furniture store around the middle of March.

We were lucky to have shopped when we did because the virus outbreak started making the news around the same time.

All furniture stores were deemed non-essential by Arizona’s Governor and were ordered to close. However, since we had shopped for our furniture earlier in the month we were assured our furniture would be delivered prior to shutting down the store completely on the 30th of March.

At this point all we had to do was wait on delivery of the furniture and move our belongs to our new place on the 29th, move in day.

Talk about down to the wire!


The Move

On the 29th we finalized our lease were allowed to move in. We had prepared by packing almost everything in the coach for quick transfer to our Casita. Martha’s life long friend Kathy and her daughter happened to be in Tucson at the time and offered to helpus move everything from coach to Casita. It still took four houres to move everything ith us all working together. How did we get all that stuff in the coach?

What happened to the coach?

At the time of the move we were staying in an RV Park on Tucson’s west side. The morning of the move we drove the coach to our new apartment and unloaded it and took it back to the RV Park. The next day we went back to the coach and gave it a thorough cleaning so we could take it to Phoenix.

Why Phoenix? Well, we knew we weren’t going to use the coach full time again so we really didn’t want to store it, nor did we want to sell it.

To this end we decided to consign the coach to Elite RV Rentals in Phoenix. Elite maintains and cleans and rents the coach for us. We are roughly two and a half hours from the coach but we can block out any amount of time we want to use it ourselves. The rest of the time it is available for rental They do a walk through before and after rentals complete with photos to prove the coache’s condition. They provide access insurance for the coach to renters or the customer may place a one million dollar a writer on their insurance for the entire rental period. They also do a thorough vetting of the renters. Additionally it is stored on their secure lot. For us, it’s a win/win.

So, that brings you up to speed. For now, new blog entries will center around Tucson and things to do here. When we start traveling again we will resume our campground reviews and trip photos like we did prior to our move.

Thanks for hanging with us.