Ever Make a Life Transition Amid a Global Pandemic – Nope We Haven’t Either

2005 Newmar Northern Star – Our home for the last three years

Have you ever had the feeling that things happen for a reason? Well in our case we had that feeling recently. Martha and have decided to put down roots and regain a permanent address. We did this before the pandemic reared its ugly head.

We decided to do this because we found a place we both love. Tucson, Arizona will be our new home. Will we quit RV’ing? No. However the pandemic has made it easy for us to say we will not travel this summer.

What happens to our motor coach? Well, that a bit trickier. We don’t want to part with it (yet) and we need to pay down our loan a bit more so that the we can do better than break even on it’s sale.

We also don’t want to be on the hook for storage fee’s. So, what to do? After much research, we’ve decided to something a bit drastic/different. We will rent the RV. Yep, I said rent the Class A.

We moved into our Casita Apartment on the 29th of March. Once we moved everything out of the coach we took it back to our RV Park on the west side of Tucson and did a thorough cleaning. On the 31st we took the coach to Phoenix to join the rental fleet at Elite RV Rentals.

Sound drastic? Not so much. Think about it. The coach has a place on a safe lot that is monitored 24/7/365 it will rent during festivals and for vacations and other events. The engine will get exercised, the maintenance there will be top notch, and we share the accrued rental fee’s 50/50 with Elite and they or the renter provides either a policy provided by Elite or a writer on the renters insurance policy. Also, the renters are vetted to insure they are safe drivers.

Setting all of this in motion allows us to stay put for the duration of the Pandemic. Staying put is a good thing for Chuck because he is diabetic with heart problems, and a weakened immune system all of which put him in the high risk group. For us this is a win win. Of coures that will depend on how many times the coach is rented during the year. If it doesn’t work out we will pick up the RV and put it in storage locally. Meanwhile we save on fuel, park rentals, and storage fees.

What about the pandemic. Will it hurt rentals? Well in a word maybe, because people are starting to show interest in traveling in an RV instead of cruise ships and aircraft. Elite says they are getting inquiries about “one way” rentals. What’s that? The renter drives the RV to a destination and then on a pre-planned date the rental company sends someone there to bring the RV back. Once the pandemic is under control renters will be looking for alternatives to cruises and plane rides as well.

Our current plan is to stay put in Tucson for the rest of the year. Beginning in 2021 we will look at traveling again.

In the mean time we will expand our Jeep travels and exploration in the desert. Don’t give up on our blog because we will be providing insight on where to overland in and around Tucson and will provide photos, routes and of course our local knowledge once we actually gain some.

I hope all of our readers are staying safe, sound and are actively practicing social distancing. Take care of you and yours.

Charlie and Martha


    • Joe, I’m pretty sure that won’t be an issue. You and Kimberly should visit once everything calms down. We have a spare bedroom now, and the beer is always cold and plenty of wine in the wine rack.


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