Preparing To Depart After An Extended Stay – Things To Check

We have been work camping in Custer, SD. for the summer. We have about three and a half weeks left after a five and a half month stay.

PREPARATION for departure

Overnight, weekly or even monthly stays likely require less scrutiny on an RV’rs part since things tend to be as they were for travel. However, since we’ve been stationary for so long I felt it necessary to complete a check list of items that need attention.

I’m hopeful that this list will help others preparing to leave the soon to be frozen north for warmer climates.

Keep in mind that your equipment and priorities may be different. However, this list can be easily adapted to your situation. Also, this list may not be all inclusive of the things you need to do prior to your own departure after a long term stay.

Things to check and do

  • Clean my AC/Heat pump coils (we had extreme pine pollen here in the Black Hills this spring), the coils were caked with the stuff)
  • Remove tree debris from the coach roof, slide toppers and slide roofs
  • Clean, check and repair RV roof as required (think bi-yearly roof maintenance)
  • Change batteries in our TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)
  • Check the TPMS for proper operation (working)
  • Check and correct air pressure (if required) in the RV’s six tires, our toads four tires and our tow dollies two tires
  • Check (and correct if necessary) oil levels in the RV engine, generator, and toad
  • Check (and correct if necessary) coolant levels in the RV engine, generator and toad
  • Do maintenance on coach and start batteries (we still have flooded lead acid batteries)
  • Grease tow dolly bearings
  • Check that all lights on the RV and Tow Dolly work
  • Check all slide outs for proper operation (goes in and out properly)
  • Change water filters (the water here in South Dakota is very hard)
  • Make sure coach water pump is operational
  • Check for mouse and bird nests under the slide outs and in the storage bays
  • Make sure that your inverter/battery charger works properly
  • Check voltage of batteries to insure they are charging
  • Empty Air brake tank condensation (if equipped)
  • Rattle proof dishes, glasses, pots, pans, toiletries and household chemicals

As I said above, your RV may require different items to be placed on the list. The important thing is that you make an effort to fix, adjust, fill and maintain stuff before you hit the road.

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  1. Wow! The 2 best days of motorhome life. The day you buy it and the day you sell it. We sold ours and bought a single axle Lance 1475 we pull behind the Toyota. Presently in Red Wing MN for an outage. Be safe and get Martha to the desert or the beach.

    Love ya’ll,


    Joe Robinson


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