Hiking at Catalina State Park – Tucson, Arizona

We traveled across town to visit Catalina State Park just to see the park itself and ended up hiking on one of the nature trails. Catalina State Park is named after the Catalina Mountains.

Click the photo above for GENERAL INFORMATION about Catalina State Park

The park is situated near Tucson and it’s absolutely beautiful. To get to the park entrance here are the coordinates to the park entrance:
Latitude: N 32 25.007 
Longitude: W 110 56.255

The physical address of the park is:
11570 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85737

There is plenty to do in the park as well as outside the park. This is a hikers paradise but only a few trails are considered hard.

Click the photo above for HIKING TRAIL information

There are lots of interactive things to do in the park. Guided tours, bird walks, music in the mountains and more.

Click the photo above for information regarding guided tours, volunteer opportunities, geocaching, hikes to ruins and more

Make sure you make reservations in advance if you are staying during peak season (winter).

If you are in Tucson, make time to visit Catalina State Park. It is worth the entry fee. The fee for entry is just $7 per carload.


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