Recharging Tucson Aquifer’s – Sweetwater Wetlands

The Sweetwater Wetlands has an abundance of bird species, it is an oasis in the city. When you first enter the area you are greeted by a gravel trail that takes you around the area. It slowly reveals a marsh with some open water and lots of cover for wildlife.

These water conservation efforts have lead to a bird watching bonanza  (Read more about Tucson’s water reclamation efforts by clicking the above photo)

Sweetwater Wetlands is a birders paradise. Many species of birds frequent the wetlands as they migrate through the area.

American Coot
American Coot
Malard Duck
Water Recharge pond along the Santa Cruz River
Sweetwater Wetlands Recharge Pond – There are many of these in the area. (Click the above photo to learn more about them.)
House Wren
Marsh Wren

If you find yourself wanting something to do and would like a nice walk while doing it, go to Sweetwater Wetlands and bring your camera.

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