Charlie’s – Top Ten things I Have Learned About Full Time RV’ing

July 26, 2017
top ten
1. You can RV full time with only a few tools to repair things.

2. If you travel full time without the proper tools you will need to buy the right ones.

3. Giant sized packs of toilet paper and paper towels would cause storage issues.

4. We use a lot of internet data. Martha works on line and I surf a lot. But, who doesn’t ?

5. I get bored when there is nothing to fix on the RV (not griping about it, just bored).

6. Walking more has been good for me and very good for my diabetes.

7. Living with your best friend on a full time basis isn’t as hard as I thought it would be BUT it helps that I am still madly in love with her after all this time.

8. I really need to be a better roommate and give Martha some space, She says I take up a lot of room go figure?

9. Our dog Jake is a pain in the ass (I already knew that) but, he is also loving the lifestyle as he gets to go outdoors for a walk more often. I am glad to have him with us. He’s 14 and could be gone soon.

10. Motorhomes are very complex with dozens of separate systems that can act up, so it’s a plus that I can fix things.

I will likely revise this list as I go on but for now this is what I have learned