Our One Month Full Time Anniversary – Drain Line Issues – Visitors – Winery

drainline issues
Our One Month Anniversary On The RoadWell, we just hit our first milestone. One month in our rolling home. It has been a learning curve for certain but I think both Martha and I are settling in now. Occasionally we still find that we need to move things around for convenience sake but I think we are pretty much satisfied with where we have put things. So, tomorrow begins our second month on the road.

Drain Leak

Three days ago I discovered a substantial leak above our fresh water tank in the basement of the coach. This leak has been on-going for some time given the condition of the floor in the area. It is also a leak that is above my pay grade. We have called a mobile RV tech to come look and give us some possible remedies. We’ll see if we can afford his fix or whether I am going to have to take it on.


We hosted Dan and Alex (Martha’s brother and one of his daughters) on Thursday evening. The were on their way to Des Moines to see Martha’s sister Beth and her family,

They made a special effort to come see us. I fixed ribs and corn on the cob and Martha made Potato Salad (her Mom’s recipe). It was a nice afternoon and evening visiting with them.


Today, we are headed out to do some winery tours and need to make a quick visit to Lowes in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and while out we went to “Burr Oak Winery”

Not much else to report today so I will update y’all later.

Keep on, keepin on.


  1. Thanks Harry,We are adapting to our lifestyle a little at a time. Having a large comfortable coach is key to this I think. The Northern Star problems have settled down a bit. This drain leak is concerning though. I have a guy scheduled to look at it and hopefully repair it on the 8th. As for your travels I am happy that you finally get to begin your adventure, it sounds like a wonderful trip you are about to begin. Keep the wheels between the fence posts Harry.


  2. Good to hear things are settling down for you. Lifestyle changes can be a challenge but looks like your adapting well. We are heading out tomorrow morning on our first long distance adventure. Denver Colorado on Friday and after a four day visit with our son and his family its on to Cody WY. for some two wheel fun around Yellowstone and other parts. Hoping for non events in our Northern Star and good travels. I do hope your leak turns out to be an easy fix.


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