Last installment of “As The RV Turns” – Or, The Antacid Worked!

Today I picked up our coach from Arkansas Diesel and Equipment Repair. Surprise of all surprises, everything worked perfectly.  From there the coach was taken to it’s winter quarters Allied Storage in Fayetteville.  The work that Jacob did should have added up to more but his total out the door bill was $190.  Not bad for almost 12 hours of diagnosis.  In fact I am pleased with the resultant repairs and will now go back for other repairs. However, I will make an appointment and set a deadline for completion. Lesson learned.

From there I will work on a few nagging problems such as a black tank washout line that has a non-functioning back flow preventer. This broken valve effectively creates a waterfall into the coaches basement via the underneath of the coach lavatory sink when hooked up to a water supply to clean the black tank.  A new back flow preventer is $35 and it will definetly be the first thing I tackle on a long list of wants and needs.


  1. Heya Harry, thanks for checking back. I am really happy your coach is working well for you now. How much does an alignment on these beasts cost anyway. It can't be cheap, I would be interested to know because my coach also pull right a bit. It's good to get those repairs over with. I want to a lot of small upgrades and couldn't do that with the coach in the shop. I have similar issues with the AV systems in my coach. Really old technology is the major culprit. Everything works as it should with the exception of the surround sound in conjunction with OTA tv. It works fine with the dvd player though. Also, I would like to be able to use the am/fm tuner (antique) through the surround sound. First world problems though and they will have to wait until I get all major systems the way I want them. First up is that pesky black water clean out.


  2. Hey Great news! Looks like your wife was right and just impatience was the culprit. $190 for all that troubleshooting and repairs is a steal!! Worth the wait when your not in a hurry for sure. MHT charged me $410 for a day's worth of trouble shooting and repairs. About average for most shops. $90-$110 hr. is typical labor around here.Our trip was rain and wet for two days and beautiful on our last day (Saturday). Good news is all systems worked as they should except for my dish receiver that is giving me some trouble. I can handle that. Its not a coach issue so I'm not concerned. Its either a HDMI cable or the receiver is messed up. Got intermittent video signal when starting up. Plugged and unplugged the cable several times from the receiver and eventually got it to work. I will see how it does next time. If it continues I will see about swapping receivers. If I had it to do again I would have installed a different antenna and gotten the hopper with a joey to the back bedroom. I don't really care for the system I have now. It is simply a wireless slave to the front TV. Cannot watch two different channels. Not a big deal now and will consider changing in the future.Next on my list is taking it to my local truck shop to check the alignment. It pulls to the right and I want to get that fixed. Need the brakes checked also as I have no idea what they have for wear right now. Still working fine but something I should know.


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