Repair Shops Give Me Ulcers – Or, As The RV Turns

If you are a regular reader then you know that I have been very concerned about the competency of the full service repair shop that I chose to do my RV slide out repairs.

During my phone conversation yesterday morning, and against my own gut feelings, I agreed to give them one more day to repair the problems.

Late yesterday evening I was thinking about what my next move would be regarding this repair. It would likely bring shouting and bad feelings from me and the shop.  At 9:30 pm I got a surprise call from the shop owner. He personally worked on the RV most of yesterday evening and finally got things working.  The kitchen and living room slides both are fully functional now.

During the conversation he stated that once he got the .pdf containing the slide mechanism schematics and trouble shooting guide I emailed to him, he was able to determine that the slide locks wouldn’t work because the amperage was set too low on the circuit board.

Really?  My schematics are the reason he was able to troubleshoot the problem? My question is, when you advertise yourself as a diesel mechanic and full service RV repair shop then wouldn’t you call Newmar or Google the schematics if you didn’t already have them?  This in itself is incompetent.

Do, I call the BBB and lodge a complaint?  I really don’t think his delays were malicious but if we had already been full timing this delay would have cost us the repair + hotel time.  Not good business.

This morning he is supposed to check out the slides one last time to insure that he has the repairs completed once and for all.  He said he would call us once that is done. I guess at that point I will learn how much of my money I will need to part with for repairs. If extensive shop rates are attached to the bill I will most certainly go to the BBB with valid complaints. If he chooses to make this a learning experience (on his part) and charges minimal shop rates then we are golden and I won’t go back to him again. However, if I may still consider going to the BBB.

Stay tuned for the final chapter of  the ongoing saga “As The RV Turns.”