Still Waiting To Get Our Coach Back – Slide Lock Problem

What to think about our repair guy?

He originally promised to have our coach repaired last Thursday. Then it was Friday. He called Friday afternoon and told me that he had isolated the problem and that he was confident that the living room slide would be working by late afternoon or at the latest Saturday afternoon.

We didn’t receive a call on Friday nor on Saturday. Very frustrating.

It is now Sunday and no coach. I am not going to name the company yet, but he is dangerously close to being on my s__t list. Thankfully we don’t need the coach right now but I have things that I want to fix and or modify and the weather is going to be warmer for the next few days.

Martha says I am impatient but this guy is racking up a lot of hours working on my dime. This needs to get done.  Ugh.