Coach Problems – The Kitchen Slide Won’t Go Out And The Living Room Slide Won’t Lock

When we arrived home from our Florida trip we had to hustle to get unloaded and to quickly winterize the coach ahead of a strong cold front that ultimately has produced sub-zero wind chills. .

All went as planned until I got to the point of winterizing freezer ice maker.  The plan was to empty the ice bin and soak up the water in the ice maker and then winterize the water line.  But, when I tried to move the slide it wouldn’t move out or in.  When engaging the switch, the controller gave it’s canned “The lockouts are unlocking, please move all persons and items from the path of the slide out.” Then nothing. It wouldn’t budge.

As an aside, our last night at my brother in laws in Rio Vista, TX brought a severe thunderstorm and a power outage.  Our coffee pot definitely took a surge as it smells of burnt circuit board.  I am guessing that this slide also took a hit to the controller.

As luck would have it, three weeks earlier our surge protector (12 years old) took a dump on us and I had to wire around it. I think we’ve now paid the price for not repairing it quickly.

Additionally, our living room slide has quit locking into place when pulled in.  As a result I have taken the coach to a local RV repair shop for evaluation and probably repair.

So, instead of being able to clean the outside of the RV and put it in storage it sits at an RV repair shop awaiting diagnosis.  Ugh.


  1. Harry, Sounds like the same problem. I talked to the shop Friday and he indicated that he found some wiring issues but wasn't specific. I did some homework on the proximity sensor, then looked for it on my coach but was unable to find it. The slide that won't lock is the living room slide.I am very worried that I did not get my ice maker winterized properly because I couldn't get the slide out to access the unit. I did manage to disconnecte the water supply line to it from the outside. The supply line had anti-freeze in it so at least that part is protected.I'd be very interested in your experience after your three day trip. Once again thanks for posting on our blog.Charlie


  2. Sounds like a lot of problems come up with our slides. My 04 Northern Star also had problmes with the kitchen slide not opening. Repair facility found wire loose on the slide lock and fixed it which resolved the problem till I got home and had the same issue again. Slide would not extend nor the locks retract. Took it back and found that the proximity sensor had actually broken off from the forward lock and so the controller would not recognize it. The light on the controller board for the locks was also not lit as it should have been. Back to the repair facility and a new proximity sensor was installed and so far its back working again. Oh yes they did put in an updated controller for the kitchen unit so no more audio warnings and I have to hold the switch down until the slide is fully retracted or extended. Going on a short three day trip on the 18th of this month. I will update if I have any issues then. Hope your issues are resolved soon and can update on what the results were.


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